Delivery time

1) we will deliver the goods within 1-3 days after the success of the order payment (the holidays are postponed, some special goods are shipped within seven days), and the delivery time depends on the delivery time of the express delivery.

2) in case of force majeure, the delivery time may be slightly delayed. 

3) because the location of goods storage is different, the goods in an order may be split into multiple packages. The delivery time of different packages will be slightly different.

Inspection and receipt of goods

* The spider store guarantees that the outer packing of the goods is intact.In order to ensure the benefit of the customer, please check the goods when receiving the goods. Please open the packing case and confirm that the goods are in good condition.If the goods are found to be damaged in transit, the customer has the right to reject the goods. The reason for the rejection is indicated on the express waybill, and the delivery personnel shall return it.If the delivery person has left the site after the signing and the goods are damaged, the spider store is not responsible.

* If there is missing or missing item, please contact customer service within 24 hours.More than 24 hours, the spider shop is not responsible.



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