Return policy

1. Goods without damage

Refers to the ability to maintain the original quality and function, including the goods themselves, packaging, accessories, gifts (as in the purchase of gifts) and the incidental trademark tag, the use of the instructions, etc. (if the application for the exchange of goods for a commodity such as a gift box, gift package, the whole set of goods should be refunded. ).

Customers should open commodity packages based on inspection needs, or make reasonable and proper probation in order to confirm the quality and function of the goods, which will not affect the integrity of the goods. The use of commodities beyond inspection and trial needs results in apparent derogation of the value of the goods.

2. According to the law and the nature of the commodity, the following commodities have no return and replacement policy

1Customized products

2Fresh perishable goods

3Online download or you disassemble audio and video products, computer software and other digital goods

4Newspapers and periodicals that are delivered

5According to the nature of the commodity, it is not suitable to return and replace the goods, and the goods confirmed by the customers when they are purchased:

 a. The goods that are easy to affect personal safety or life health after being unsealed, or the goods that are easy to be changed after being unsealed

  b. Once activated or tested, the value of the product is depreciated

  c. The goods that have been shown at the time of sale are close to the shelf life and defective goods

  d. Other goods that are not suitable for return and replacement according to the nature of the commodity, marked "no return"/" no support for replacement "/" do not support return and exchange "on the product page, and the goods confirmed by the customer after purchase.

3. The following situations do not apply for replacement/maintenance

1Any goods sold by non spider mall

2Goods exceeding the warranty period

3Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, accident, alteration, and incorrect installation, the quality of the goods, or    tearing, labeling, machine serial number, and anti-counterfeiting mark ;

4The information of the warranty certificate is not in conformity with the goods and is altered.

4. Warm prompt

1All replacement and maintenance will be processed after confirmed by spider customer service center. If there is any quality problem, please explain the reason.The goods returned by the spider customer service center will not be accepted until it is confirmed

2The spider store guarantees that the outer packing of the goods is intact.In order to ensure the benefit of the customer, please check the goods when receiving the goods. Please open the packing case and confirm that the goods are in good condition.If the goods are found to be damaged in transit, the customer has the right to reject the goods. The reason for the rejection is indicated on the express waybill, and the delivery man shall return it.

3In the course of returning the goods, the customer is responsible for ensuring the safety and integrity of the returned goods, such as the loss of bags and damage (affecting the secondary sales) on the way back, and the responsibility shall be borne by the customer

4After receiving the goods package, the spider store will check the returned goods and confirm that the goods are in conformity with the requirements of the return and replacement, and then refund or replace the goods.

5Apply for a refund after order within the rest of the goods does not meet the present conditions, the spider mall has a right to ask the customer return gift, if the gifts are lost or damaged, the spider mall will be in accordance with the present value of cutting expenses incurred in the refund.



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