Common problems

  1. Q: Is the product of the spider store real?

  2. A: the spider mall maintains the rigorous attitude, the origin, the craft, the raw material of the commodity all strict control, seeks to help the consumer to select the best quality goods, you can be assured to choose.

  3. Q: how is the product delivered?

  4. A: the spider store will choose the logistics distributor according to the location of the goods, the location of customers and the size of the goods, and ensure the quality user experience.At present, we do not support self-selected logistics distributors.

  5. Q: how long will it take to receive the goods?

  6. A: we will deliver the goods within 1-3 days after the payment is successful (the holidays are postponed, some special goods are delivered within seven days), and the receive time depends on the delivery time.

  7. Q: how about free shipping?

  8. Answer: for the sum of the total price (excluding freight) of the single purchase price (excluding freight) is greater than or equal to 88 yuan, we will provide a free delivery service (for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area is greater than or equal to 500 yuan).

  9. Q: how long do I need to pay for the goods after the order is generated?

  10. A: after placing the order, we will keep it for you. In order to ensure the validity of the order, you need to complete the payment within one hour.

  11. Q: online payment has been successful. Why does my order status still show "pending payment"?

  12. A: generally speaking, online payment is instantaneous.But sometimes because the network reasons, there may be a delay for a few minutes, please wait patiently, and check your account balance in time, if the cost has clasp, but the order status is still "waiting for payment", please contact customer service.

  13. Q: is there a color difference between the object and the picture?

  14. A: the commodity photograph in the spider shop is taken in kind, color is proofread by stylist, because different computer monitor, light, brightness all have difference, cause slight chromatic aberration is unavoidable.

  15. Q: what is the contact information for customer service?

  16. A: you can contact customer service through online customer service and telephone.Customer service: 400-0368-163.

  17. Q: when goods are shipped, refuse to receive them?

  18. A: after the goods are delivered, the return logistics cost of non-commodity quality problem is borne by the user.



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